Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Oldham

During His time on earth Lord Swaminarayan wrote and had instructed respected saints to prepare scriptures revealing the greatness of the Sampraday. In the short span of thirty-one years, Lord Swaminarayan created a series of scriptures that would not be possible for any normal individual to compose. 


Fundamentally, scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampraday are based on famous Hindu scriptures including the Vedas.  The content of all the scriptures by Lord Swaminarayan is based on the subject of religion, humanity, honesty, non-violence and mercy to mankind.


The scriptures written are easy to understand unlike other Hindu scriptures.  The scriptures written are either in Sanskrit or Gujarati.  Any scripture should be revered and it should be studied on a regular basis, to enable a saint or devotee to acquire the knowledge therein.  Through acquiring knowledge and appreciating the divine personality of Lord Swaminarayan, a devotee is able to grow in his love for God. Even though there are numerous shastras, below are the details of the core shastras’s of the Sampraday


A Page of the Shikshapatri

The literal meaning of Shikshapatri is the ‘letter of teachings’.  Lord Swaminarayan was highly educated in the important scriptures of Hinduism at a very young age.  His father, Dharmadev, personally taught Him.


Lord Swaminarayan selected key points of importance from these scriptures and made a small ‘gutko’ booklet.  Eventually, this gutko formed the basis of the Shikshapatri that Lord wrote.  It comprises of 212 slokas and was written in Vadtal on the 5th day of the bright half of the month of Maha VS 1882, on Vasant Panchmi. 


Lord wrote the Shikshapatri from His heart, by His own hand.  It is a code of conduct for the benefit of all mankind.  Lord has stated that the Shikshapatri is the perceptible form of Himself. The Shikshapatri was the only scripture that Lord Swaminarayan had wrote down himself.


Vachnamrut is the nectar of all the spiritual and philosophical knowledge extracted by Lord Swaminarayan from all the Hindu scriptures for easy understanding for the satsangis.


It contains all the spiritual and philosophical understanding of questions asked by the saints and other devotees, and the replies given by Lord Swaminarayan.  Many a time, Lord has asked the questions and He has also answered them.  The questions relate to cosmic evolution, welfare of mankind and ultimate salvation.


In each and every Vachnamrut, the day of the fortnight, the month, the time, the year and the place where each sabha is held is stated.  A clear description is given about Lord’s appearance that day, His clothing, ornaments, garlands put on by the Lord, the direction of His face and the name of the main members in the assembly are described in the first paragraph. This proves that the Lord was present when the questions were actually asked and answered, they were factual and not imaginary or created by someone. The name of the person asking the question is also mentioned in each of the Vachnamrut.

Lord Swaminarayan with Nand Santo's compiling the Vachnamrut

The great saints Shukanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and Nityanand Swami heard, collected and compiled the original words of Lord Swaminarayan and got them authenticated by Him. These Vachnamrut were thousands in number, but our Lord has selected only 273.


Vachnamrut is the main scripture of our sampraday and we have an immense amount to learn from it.  If anybody reads them attentively, they need not read any other scripture for their ultimate salvation.  The Vachnamrut is held in such high regard that discourses from it are recited daily in all Swaminarayan temples.


Writing of the Satsangi Jeevan

Satsangi Jeevan
Shreemad Satsangijeevan is the core scripture of the Swaminarayan Sampraday.  This divine scripture describes the life of Lord Swaminarayan for all the period He spent on Earth.  It was prepared in order to enlighten devotees of the divine personality of Lord Swaminarayan.  It covers the philosophy, spiritual wisdom, devotion and non-attachment of worldly objects of Lord Swaminarayan.


Shatanand Swami wrote the scripture, through the divine inspiration and request of Lord. Shatanand Swami compiled the scripture sitting next to Lord.  Lord would read each chapter and comment on the supremacy of the literary piece created.  The scripture written in Sanskrit contains 319 chapters.  On the completion of the Shreemad Satsangijeevan, Lord took it on His head in an act of joy.


When Lord took departure from the earth in Gadhada, saints and devotees became inconsolable and extreme sadness filled the air.  It was at this point that this great scripture was recited.  It kindled the fond memories of Almighty God Supreme in the hearts of saints and devotees.



This scripture was composed by Nishkulanand Swami in poetic form, under the divine guidance of Lord Swaminarayan.  It describes the activities of Lord Swaminarayan during His lifetime.  The Bhaktachintamani is aimed to bring peace and upliftment to the souls of satsangis.  Events and festivals that occurred during the lifetime of Lord Swaminarayan have been mentioned in some detail within the literature.


Shree Hari Digvijay

This scripture consists of 49 chapters.  Nityanand Swami under the order of Lord Swaminarayan composed ShreeHari Digvijay.  This scripture describes and proves that Lord Swaminarayan was Almighty God Supreme, through numerous discussions and debates.